Clinique Nescens - living better, longer, more gracefully

We all want to live as long as possible, as long as we’re healthy and at our best. We naturally also want our outward appearance to reflect this deep inner well-being. Clinique Nescens brings together the best experts in preventive medicine and health optimization, combining exceptional medical expertise and innovative technologies to create an absolutely unique offering.



A Cure for everyone!

The excellence of Clinique Nescens lies first and foremost in La Cure, an exclusive signature treatment program developed by a scientific team of experts in preventive and integrative medicine, researchers and specialists in better-aging, in an environment equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and approaches. Each guest undergoes an in-depth medical assessment to determine their precise needs, define their optimal protocol based on La Cure and ultimately measure the progress achieved.

Healing from within and acquiring the keys to ageing well: such is the “long-term” strategy of this peerless program designed to help people stay youthful and healthy.



The idea is to put the body under positive pressure, stimulating its resources and natural defenses to make it more resistant. Clinique Nescens offers an impressive range of solutions Depending on the objectives identified for each individual, we can implement bespoke strategies. Among the technologies on offer are cryotherapy, a real immunity booster; the MLX infrared dome, which detoxifies the body and boosts cell renewal; as well as the hyperbaric oxygenation chamber, which places the body in an environment of high air pressure to recharge the blood with oxygen. Similar to altitude training, intermittent hypoxia is also very popular, especially with athletes, and is highly effective for improving endurance and the muscular system; while the “Krankcycle” tones the upper body and strengthens the cardiovascular system. In addition to optimizing physical capacities, the clinic also offers cutting-edge brain-training techniques, such as neurofeedback, which analyzes neural functioning in order to develop specific modules for using one’s full potential.



Clinique Nescens’ other assets

Its peaceful, beautiful setting at the foot of the Jura mountains is an invitation to enjoy wonderful, beneficial activities in the forest. And because it is an effective and pleasant part of treatment, active yet gastronomic nutrition is also available to our guests.

In short, to develop each individual’s health potential and embed results over the long term, all the drivers of longevity, well-being, physical and cerebral performance, nutrition and sleep are activated to the highest degree here, under the watchful eye of an exceptional team.


Spacious and comfortable rooms

The Bois de Chênes, a propitious area for outdoor exercise

The fundamental role of nutrition

Near-infrared photobiomodulation


What about beauty?

It’s not uncommon for La Cure devotees to include an aesthetic component, to ensure that the profound, positive transformation taking place on the inside is also visible on the outside. Here too, major medical advances are involved, such as the avant-garde “nanofat and microfat” technique practiced by Dr. Menkes. By injecting autologous regenerative stem cells taken from the patient’s own fat, she restores subcutaneous volume and infuses tissues with a concentrate of highly effective regenerative cells, restoring the skin’s original function and glow. The results are impressive. Cells that reproduce less and less perfectly over time – somewhat like fading photocopies – regain the freshness, radiance and renewal dynamics of their youth.



An ever-younger demographic 

The ultimate goal of a long and healthy life can be achieved at any age and patients under 40 are flocking in ever greater numbers. Men, women, seniors, athletes, couples: an eclectic range of individuals appreciate the scientific dimension and private setting of a treatment program that resets the body, pushes its limits, strengthens the mind, boosts intellectual faculties and alleviates stress. All are perfectly willing to accept the idea of a demanding Cure that forces them somewhat out of their comfort zone, naturally each at their own level. They understand that the results are real, measurable and have a lasting effect on the body.



Focus on internationalization

Clinique Nescens attracts customers from the four corners of the globe. The idea is to facilitate the process by creating “off-site” medicalized branches where they can undergo in-depth assessments prior to the treatment programs performed by dedicated integrative medicine specialists, thereby providing the best possible preparation for the protocol to be carried out “in situ” at Clinique Nescens. Another current project involves the development of themed programs at the heart of Spa Nescens facilities within Michel Reybier Hospitality Group hotels. Offered by various experts, sports coaches, osteopaths and other neurofeedback specialists, they bring the Clinique Nescens experience to life in all our establishments.


Nature is omnipresent around Clinique Nescens

Clinique Nescens and its innovative architecture

Sunset on the natural surroundings

Nescens cosmeceuticals

Text by Michèle Wouters

This article is an excerpt from La Réserve Magazine N° 30 by Michel Reybier Hospitality, which you can consult online here.