– Two boneless and skinless zander fish fillets, weight 1/1.2kg
– Three half cut caper leaves
– Five slices of cherry tomato
– One piece of blue meat radish
– 100g yoghurt
– 500g water
– 80g sugar
– 60cl alcohol vinegar
-1/2 lime
– 25cl olive oil
– Pinch of sea salt
– Pinch of Espelette pepper
– Three pieces of quartered blackberries

Roll the zander fish fillet into four-centimeter ballotines using plastic wrap, then store in the freezer. Peel the blue meat radish and slice it thinly by using a slicer or a mandolin, then cut it into round slices using a four-centimeter diameter cookie cutter. In a saucepan, bring the water, vinegar, and sugar to the boil until the alcohol has evaporated, then leave to cool. Finally, add the slices of blue meat radish and leave to marinate in the fridge for 24 hours.

Drain and dry the slices of blue meat and cut thin slices of zander fish fillet. On a flat plate, use an 18cm diameter cookie cutter to make a rosette with the slices of blue meat and the slices of zander fish. Season with a little olive oil, the juice of half a lime, Espelette pepper and fleur de sel. Using a small plastic pipette, sprinkle the yoghurt in a line over the rosette.
Finish off with the tomato slices, blackberry quarters and caper leaves.

We hope you enjoy your meal.